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EcoSisTeam is a team project by sisters who want to share their passion for protecting our ecosystem by raising awareness and giving ideas on how to reduce waste and live in a more healthy and sustainable way. 

We want people to reflect on their way of consuming and wasting. We want to share recipes in order to animate you to make your own products and therefore reduce waste from packaging, chemicals etc. 

Our logo is a snail and our motto is "SMALL MOVES - BIG CHANGE". We find there are some analogies between the snail and our project.  The snail represents the art of slowing down in this very fast way of life we tend to have and being more mindful. Also, doing things slowly can be more sustainable. Slowly but surely the snail moves forward and achieves its goal. Just like our project: with the small incentive of our project the impact can become larger and larger as the community is growing. We believe that SMALL MOVES can lead to a BIG CHANGE.




  • It feels great to make your own products

  • You know the contents of the products you use

  • You reduce packaging and waste and help protect the environment

  • You can save a lot of money

  • You will always have the coolest gifts for your family and friends

GET STARTED and get inspired by our recipes in the following categories:

Image by Rayia Soderberg
Image by Diana Akhmetianova
Image by Alex Lvrs
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