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Lavender eye pillow

Close your eyes and breath calmly. The smell of lavender will relax you immediately.

This lavender eye pillow is easy to make. If you have a sewing machine it will be a bit faster but you can also make it with just a needle and a thread. This also makes for a great gift.

What you need

  • About 40 gr of lavender

  • A funnel, pins, needle and thread or if you have a sewing machine.

  • A piece of cotton fabric (13x48 cm)

  • A fabric with a nice pattern that makes you happy (13x56 cm).

Before buying new, check the fabric scraps you might already have lying around

Note: The measurements for the fabric are a rough indication. Make sure to not forget to include at least 1 cm of seam allowance as well as some extra length for your patterned piece of fabric

How to make it

Get a piece of cotton cloth and cut it into a rectangle with a width of 13 cm and a length of 48 cm. Fold the cloth in half so it is now 24 cm long.

Sew the the bottom and the top of the long side (24 cm) closed with a 1 cm seam allowance. The fabric should now be closed on three sides. Flip it inside out.

Weigh about 40 grams of lavender and then use the funnel to fill the cotton fabric with the


Flip the open side about 1 cm in, fasten with some pins and sew closed. In essence you now already have a lavender eye pillow. But to jazz-it-up a bit and personalize it you can make a nice cover with a beautiful fabric. Plus this is also more hygienic as you can remove the cover later and wash it whenever needed.

Now take your fabric with the pattern. Cut it into a rectangle with a width of 13 cm and a length of 56 cm (about 8 cm longer than the cloth fabric).

Open up the fabric and fold the each of the short ends 1 cm in (wrong side on each other), pin down and sew.

Now put the patterned fabric next to your cotton, fold the good sides of the pattern on top of each other. You should now be left with about 4 cm extra length which you fold back once more. This will later allow you to fit the cotton lavender pillow inside and give it a clean finish. Pin it down and sew along the long side with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Et voilà, you have your beautiful lavender eye pillow. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and relax!

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