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Lemon and orange zest

Don't throw away untreated lemons and oranges without saving their zest.

Lemon and orange zest can be used in recipes to give them a special touch. They can e.g. be added to cookie dough or to different dishes, sauces and dressings. But when we want to use them, we might not have an untreated lemon or orange around. So here's a little life hack: take the zest of untreated lemons and oranges, dry them and store them for later use.

What you need

  • Untreated lemons or oranges

  • A rasp (any rasp or a special zest rasp)

  • A jar to store the zest in

How to make it

Rasp the zest of your lemon(s) and/or orange(s)

Let them dry in the sun if you can. Otherwise dry them at low heat in the oven.

Once they are dry, store them in a jar. Have fun giving your recipes an exotic touch anytime you want.

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