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Pistachio Shell Candle Holder

Here's a great upcycling project, which also makes a great gift.

Next time you eat pistachios, keep the shells to make this nice candle holder. It's a simple and cheap way to make a nice-looking decoration or present.

What you need

  • Pistachio shells

  • Cardboard

  • Glue, we used a hot-melt gun

  • Candle

  • Paint (optional)

How to make it

Put your candle on the cardboard in order to decide how big your cardboard circle has to be. There has to be enough space around your candle for several rounds of pistachio shells. Cut your cardboard into a round shape. You can reuse an old cardboard. Even if there is something written or painted on it (like the lttle circle in the picture) it doesn't matter, as it will not be seen in the end.

Glue the first ring of shells on the outer edge of your cardboard circle. Make sure your shells have a similar size.

Now glue the second ring of shells. Make sure the shells are not placed right in front of the shells of the outer circle, but between two shells of the outer circle. Continue with more rounds of shells until there is only the space for your candle left.

Place the candle in the middle and enjoy your new candle holder.

You can also paint or spray it if you want. For example, with golden spray, if you have a festivity coming up.

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