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Tongue scraper

Begin your day not only by brushing your teeth but also by scraping your tongue.

Ever notice a coating on your tongue in the morning? These are the bacteria that build up during the night, which your body wants to expel. In Ayurveda this is referred to as ama. Tongue scraping is an old yogic practice. Scraping your tongue every morning as you wake up - preferably before you brushed your teeth and definitely before you consume anything - only takes a couple of seconds. It will remove the ama, improve your dental health and breath. Best use a copper tongue scraper. Copper is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and contains enzymes that promote good bacteria.

What you need

  • A copper tongue scraper

How to do it

Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth and pull out your tongue. Rest the scraper at the back of your tongue.

Pull the scraper to the front. Doing this once or twice is sufficient. Rinse the scraper under water and store to dry next to your toothbrush.

That's how easy it is. Enjoy the clean feeling!

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