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A smile is the prettiest thing you'll ever wear. So why not take care of your teeth -and therefore your smile - with a self-made toothpaste.

Toothpaste is a product we use daily and is therefore bought a lot. In Germany alone approximately 437 million toothpaste tubes are bought every year, around 5 tubes per person. Imagine all that plastic, the resources needed to produce the tubes and those to get rid of all the tubes which land in the bin. The costs in the supermarket around the corner vary between 0,69€ and 4,99€. So per year the costs are between 3,45€ and 24,95€ per person. Maybe it doesn’t sound that much but in a lifetime it sums up… And what about the ingredients the toothpaste contains? Do we know them all and know if they are really healthy or not? In order to know which ingredients enter our system and to help reduce waste and save money at the same time there is a great option: make your own toothpaste. We have tried several recipes and want to share the following one with you. It is also ideal for children. As there are no preservatives in the recipe the toothpaste is durable for approximately 4 weeks.

What you need

  • 40 ml water (boiled and cooled down to 50ºC)

  • 1,5 gr Xanthan gum

  • 30 ml Aloe Vera juice

  • 50 gr calcium carbonate

  • 20 gr Xylitol

  • 20 drops essential oil of your choice such as peppermint or maybe orange for children

How to make it

Make sure to disinfect all your equipment with alcohol before you start

First make a gel by mixing the water and the Xanthan gum with a mixer.

Then add the Aloe Vera juice, the calcium carbonate, the Xylitol and the essential oil and mix everything with the mixer until you get a smooth paste.

Put the mix into a clean tube.

Enjoy your self-made toothpaste - and don't forget to smile!

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