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Why use solid products?

Using a solid shampoo, facial cleanser etc. compared to using a conventional liquid product has some advantages.

A main ingredient in liquid shampoos is water and that is why it is mostly sold in plastic bottles. A solid product is more concentrated and you add the water yourself once you use it. This also means that you automatically use less than when you’re using liquid shampoos, shower gels etc. You now have a product which lasts longer and is cheaper to make than buying the branded products, which means you automatically save money and reduce the amount of packaging in your bathroom.

By making your own products you can decide which ingredients to use. Have you ever looked at the back of one of your products and read the ingredients list and wondered what they were? By making it yourself you will see that you need a lot less ingredients and can tailor it to your needs.

In addition, they take up less space in your bathroom or your toilet bag than a regular bottle of the same product. And when you’re travelling it’s very handy. First there is no risk of leaking - it’s not cool to find the contents of your suitcase spilled with a liquid product because the lid opened or wasn’t closed right. And if you fly, you don’t have a liquid product which you would otherwise have to show at the security control. If you need smaller amounts you can cut a piece the size you need or make little versions for your travels. And of course they make for a creative gift!

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